Have a crêpe Monday!

Blue Monday is a terrible day. It’s dark. There are no holidays to forward to. You probably don’t have that much money anymore. On top of all that, it’s Monday.
But Eurostar can embrace this crap day, by making it a crêpe day.

In the depressing days that lead up to Blue Monday, we can engage people on social media. Eurostar can invite Twitter users to win 2x tickets by wishing a friend a #CrepeMonday. The prize could also include lunch at a famous crêperie in Paris or Brussels on Blue Monday.

On the actual Blue Monday (20 Jan), Eurostar can deliver crêpes to all passengers (breakfast crêpes for morning passengers, savoury for afternoon, and sweet for evening). As a way to reward their existing customers.

Eurostar can go a step further – creating stories and goodwill with others, by handing out crêpes to people at St. Pancras. People will be surprised and delighted by both the gesture and the linguistic joke. Eurostar soothes blue Monday.

To boost social buzz, we will put the #CrepeMonday hashtag on napkins that accompany the crêpe, it can be on the experiential stall, or on peoples’ t-shirts

The campaign will be supported on social media with tweets and FB posts including the campaign visuals, and a promoted hashtag on Twitter.

Film the whole event to show how Eurostar have surprised and delighted their customers and non-customer.

Sjaak Boessen 2018 — ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL