Vanguard — Rush of oil, A greasy repositioning

Vanguard asked us to reposition the brand for 2015 and beyond. By researching the market and performing a trend analysis we redefined the brand's values. From these brand values we developed a new feeling, tone-of-voice, look and feel and everything in between.

Director: Frank Uyt den Bogaard
Client: Just Brands (Vanguard)
Producer: Flirt Creativity
Writer: Frank Uyt den Bogaard / Sjaak Boessen
DOP/Edit/FX: Johan Sneep
Executive producers: Diego Ascacibar / Dando Valle
Costume designer: Geke Hendriks
Postproduction: Johan Sneep
Sound Design & Music: David Kox at Kox & Ramak music design studio
Typographic design: Dennis van Tol
Executive Production: X-productions
Moto Guzzi: Moe 'Cycle Garden Moto Guzzi' Los Angeles

Sjaak Boessen 2018 — ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL