Laurens, a well-experienced tent trailer seller contacted us with a vision that he wanted to start his own business. We adapted his no-nonsense attitude to create a distinctive and straightforward brand within the market he works in. We needed to change the way potential consumers look at tent trailer camping. Since it is considered to be conservative and for middle-aged people who have too much spare time.

The thing is, is that a younger audience would benefit from tent trailers quite well. Since they are compact and easy to use and not as bulky, expensive and quite frankly — ugly — as a regular mobile home. That audience could experience the world easy and carefree.

The logo was created by looking at an archetypical trip people have with a tent trailer. They ride over the curving road in front of them, see the river stippling through nature and they enjoy mountains looming in the distance. In addition the shortcut of Vouwwagenzaak (VWZ) is readable in the mark.

Blue is chosen because of water and air. The off-black color was chosen because of tarmac and sediment. If you consider traveling into the great outdoors; pay a visit to the Vouwwagenzaak and challenge Laurens to persuade you.

Sjaak Boessen 2018 — ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL